Frequently asked questions

There is no one simple answer to this question. Websites vary dramatically in features and complexity and it is almost impossible to give an accurate cost without getting more details about the project. We would love to speak with you to find out your goals so we can come up with a solution that will fully take care of them at the best cost.

Much of this depends on how fast you supply content and the timeliness of your communication. Generally, the average time falls somewhere between two and four weeks. The faster you get us content like text, pictures, and other requested info, the faster we are able to develop it. Also, the more complex or large the site is, the longer it will take.

In the development and design stages of your project, you get plenty of chances to change or modify your site design which is included in the cost of the project. After the project is complete, you should ask yourself how regularly you plan to make updates to the site. For instance, do you plan to have a monthly or weekly sale and want to advertise it? Do you want to change event dates? Anything like that. Any changes after the initial project is complete is billed at our hourly rate. For those clients who want to make changes more frequently, we offer flexible website maintenance contracts which are greatly discounted for you to allow changes and preventative maintenance to be made to your site.

There isn’t a magic pill to put you on Google’s first page. Generally it takes a lot of work in the form of regular updates to site content, building a strong network of links with other good sites, and using robot-friendly text and tags for your website. The most important thing is building good content. Sites with valuable content have two major advantages: (1) People often link to them for free, which is beneficial for your search engine standings. (2) If the content is keyword rich, it helps the search engines to know what your business or organization does. MortHub SEO Services can help you make the necessary changes to your site to help you soar to the top of search results. With the algorithms from sites like Google regularly changing, it's intuitive to have a professional who's well versed with these changes to help modify your site so you can stay ahead of the curve.

If you have the budget for it online advertising can definitely pay for itself in terms of additional visitors, and it’s a great way to give a new site a quick boost in traffic without having to wait to become established in the organic search engine results. We especially recommend it if your company is targeting a national or international audience or selling a product or service.

Yes. There are a lot of options out there for selling online. For sites that are only looking to sell a few products, we recommend a third party shopping cart like Paypal Merchant Services. It’s easy to integrate with your existing site, is secure, and accepts payment from all major credit cards. Larger stores may be looking to implement a self-hosted shopping cart with a MySQL database. If you’re not sure what fits your needs, contact us to set up a free consultation and find out which option works best for you.

Yes, and any site can benefit from SEO. We offer a variety of SEO packages to fit your budget. Services that we offer include external linking campaigns, monthly statistic analysis, keyword and meta-tag tuning, and more! Please contact us for more info or to sign up for an SEO plan.

We can easily update your site with whatever you need assuming it is not in a web language we do not specialize in. We also offer a variety of web troubleshooting services, including password recovery, code debugging, adware removal, hosting and registration errors, webmail troubleshooting, and many others. If you have a problem with your existing site, contact us and provide your current site’s URL and a description of the problem. We will look into the issue and provide a free consultation over email.

We offer basic password protection as an add-on option for all of our sites. Paid membership sites are a bit more complex and additional charges will apply.

Of course! Support is always available for our clients, and even faster support is provided if they are on one of our maintenance plans. We don't create or change a website and offer no support at all. We stand by our work and do our best to help you every step of the way. We troublshoot hosting problems, domain configuration issues, broken links to pages, or even sites that are completely down (whether or not they are initially designed by us.) If you don't already have a link to our support center, please just contact us using the contact form or live chat provided on our site.

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