About the Company

    morthub web design Sign MortHub is a boutique website development and design agency located in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Our focus is growing businesses using both their website and specialized online tactics.

    We pride ourselves in our caring, friendly, and professional way of doing things and always providing a huge value to all of our customers. Nobody will treat you better than us when it comes to online services.

What Makes Us Different?

  • MortHub aids growth. What we do is unique in the web design industry. We begin analyzing your business and it's needs, then start determining which solutions will work for your exact scenario so we can present them to you. We focus on providing extra elements and utilizing websites to get specific results.

  • MortHub provides true value. We understand the value of the dollar and we give you the best value money can buy. We are not an over-priced agency that just throws your information on a template and charges you for it. We carefully plan designs to align with each an every one of our clients. Also, if you need to stay within a certain budget, we can give you detailed options for what we can do to meet it.

  • MortHub is charity-friendly. If you're a non-profit organization or know one in need of web design services please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help. We are especially interested in aligning ourselves with organizations whose focus is the care for animals in need and organizations which act to improve people's lives.

The Founder

    Dan Mort Daniel Mort has been developing websites and web applications professionally since 2013. Originally he started doing freelancing work for organizations while in college studying. After noticing a demand for the services he offered, he started picking up more and more projects and expanding his knowledge. MortHub has been growing exponentially since.

    Rest assured, our founder is educated in his field, with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering & Systems Analysis and always interested in continuing his education. In addition to his activeness with MortHub, he is also recognized as a local IT Professional, assisting the businesses and residents of Mifflin County and surrounding areas with all of their IT needs.

    Daniel stays active in his local community by volunteering at the YMCA and other events, sitting on the Advisory Board at South Hills School of Business and Technology, and many others.

Are you Ready?

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