Managed Web Hosting

A website is useless without a good place to host it!

MortHub, LLC offers superior web hosting at a fraction of the cost of competitors.  We do not nickel and dime our customers and our prices remain the same each month!

Managed: We handle it all!

We own cloud web servers and we are your sole point of contact for hosting services!  No "go contact this company instead" or "let me transfer you to another department."  MortHub, LLC has the training and experience to help you sort out any issue you may encounter throughout the life of your website -- although most of our customers report no issues after switching to our hosting!

Managed Hosting
Website Transfer

Free Website Migrations!

Interested in switching to one of our hosting packages?  If you're a good fit, we will make it easy on you with a free site migration over to MortHub systems. 

Ultra-Fast SSD Hosting Packages

This web hosting package is more than good enough for 70% of business websites!
Includes up to 5GB SSD Storage
cPanel Hosting Dashboard Access
This package is designed for larger websites and web applications with higher traffic.
Includes up to 50GB SSD Storage
cPanel Hosting Dashboard Access