Retargeting & Remarketing

Re-advertise to people who have already visited your site!

Retargeting campaigns help you secure customers and sales

A simple reminder never hurt anyone, right?
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How Retargeting Works

  1. Someone visits your website.
  2. That visitor then leaves your website due to a distraction or maybe even to check out a competitor.
  3. Later that evening and over the next few days while they browse the internet and social media they will begin seeing your retargeting ad, reminding them of your product or service.
  4. Due to retargeting efforts, the visitor now has a much higher chance of coming back to your website, purchasing, and becoming a long term customer!

Give Out Free Cookies

That's right, you give out free cookies to everyone who visits your site -- tracking cookies that is!  Retargeting works by using those cookie things you always hear about.  Don't worry, we bake all the cookies and get them in place for you.. we just thought you'd like to know about them because, well, who doesn't like cookies?

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Pick Your Own Ad Spend

Only have $100/mo to spend on Ads?  No problem!  While generally the more you spend the more effective you'll notice your ad campaigns will be, we don’t have a minimum monthly ad spend. 



  • google-or-facebook

    Your Choice of Platform

    Choose a platform to advertise on (Google or Facebook) and we make it happen.

  • tracking code setup

    Tracking Code Setup

    We will help you create a new tracking code and dashboard for you to use.

  • Tracking Code Install Image

    Code Installation

    We will then install the new tracking code on your website for you.

  • Audience Icon

    Audience Creation

    We will then create an audience to capture the data from the tracking code for you.