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Search Engine Marketing

Get found in searches for the exact terms you choose

There’s no doubt that search engine marketing is the fastest way for your business to generate more leads online.  Basically, the more you’re willing to put towards your ad spend for the month, the more visitors you’re going to get to your site that are looking for something like what you offer.  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website!

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How Does It Work?

Search engine marketing is when you pay for ads to be placed at the very top of search engine results. When the customer types in specific key terms and it lines up with your preset criteria, your ad will be placed right at the top of the page so it's one of the first things the customer sees.

What does this mean?  It means your company is put right in front of someone's face who is looking for what you need AT THAT INSTANT, regardless of how your website ranks in the results organically. You send them to the exact page you want them to go to, then begin converting them into a customer.  What's even better is you only have to pay for each click, not each view.  This is why this type of advertising is also referred to as Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC.

What We Do.

We help businesses set up and manage their PPC campaigns and convert visitors into sales for you.  Starting an Adwords campaign is relatively easy, using it as a tool to grow your business is not. One mistake and you could be attracting the wrong people and wasting money quickly.

We provide a PPC management service for your business; helping you determine your monthly budget, doing all the keyword research, campaign creation, monitoring, and adjusting for you.  Almost all of your money goes toward the ad spend, our company just collects a small management fee.

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