There are many different sites around the internet that serve as important, helpful, and informative directories.  Their purpose is to make it easy to find different options all in one place and be able to sort through many different companies in the same industry or that offer similar products or services quickly.  By compiling this business information and getting it all in one place, you’re increasing the likeliness that people find your business and ultimately play a role in whether a customer chooses to pay you over another business.

Some of theses sites are more important that others due to many different factors such as site traffic, page authority rank, and much more.  However, you need to ensure you’re at least keeping up with the main ones yourself.

In this article, we are going to give you the top 5 directories you should claim for your business and make sure that you keep updated.   Don’t worry… we’re even going to give you links to take care of it and claim your listings right now!

1: Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s own business listing directory (obvious, right?).  Google is the most trafficked site on the internet. Google’s My Business listing is also extremely important because it’s tied directly to Google’s search engine.  To claim this listing manually, just visit Google My Business.

2: Facebook for Business

Facebook is the 3rd most trafficked website on the internet.  Although Facebook tends to call them Pages instead of listings, you can create different pages and set them up entirely depending on your business or organization.  You can also create groups and other things, but for now we will just stick with the listing.  To edit or claim your Facebook Page, click here.  If you need to sign up for a business page, click here.

3: Yelp for Business

Yeah, we know all about it; the dreaded call from Yelp!  You’ve probably heard about them boasting on the phone about how they are integrated with Apple and bloating on and on about how you should pay for all sorts of advanced listings and features.  Although I refuse to give them any money as we really don’t think their premium services are worth what they are asking, we do have their free business listing.  Fact is, they are integrated with Apple and when people ask Siri for suggestions it will reference Yelp’s directory first, which is why you need to claim this listing here.

4: Bing Places for Business

Bing Places is basically Microsoft’s attempt at Google Search.  We DO NOT advise using Bing for searches due to terrible result algorithms and being piled with ads, but since it’s Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the world, you should definitely look into listing with them.  There’s a good chance your business already has a listing, so go here and try to find your listing to claim it!

5: Yahoo Local

Yahoo claims to be a “comprehensive business directory complete with ratings and reviews, maps, events and more.”  Although this website and company has been going downhill for several years consecutively and the business is not very healthy, for the time being it’s still worth listing your business with them.  They are the third most popular search engine, right below Google and Bing, so don’t forget the other 20% of the planet still stuck with (or sometimes preferring to use) Yahoo for searches.  Here’s where you can do it: Learn how to Claim Yahoo

Want more?

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If this article helped you get or update even 1 listing, please comment below and let us know!  We really like knowing we’re helping people and seeing that all of our free information is being consumed and put to good use!

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